OneCam is the pioneering “Citizen Surveillance Network” that combines advanced networked surveillance systems with live security agents and emergency response teams providing residential and commercial communities with the most robust, cost-effective protection for their families and businesses.
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Years of Experience

Our Goal.

To Make Communities Open Safe Spaces To Live Work & Play.

OneCam takes residential and business community surveillance to the next level of technology and convenience.

By adequately addressing layers of security concerns, Gated communities, open neighborhoods, main roads, shopping districts and industrial parks all use OneCam to effectively manage their community’s daily security demands.


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Frequently Asked Questions

When embarking on an area wide security solution it’s common to have varying questions from stockholders. Here are our top 30 F.A.Q’s

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OneCam’s most Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, OneCam is available throughout the Caribbean, USA & Canada.

You can join OneCam with one or hundreds of individuals.

Through our partnerships with local and international security companies. Communities are free to use a response provider of their choice or one of our Platinum/Gold Providers.

Our data storage is cloud based including AWS and can be stored for between 3days- 1 year depending on packages and client requirements. Additionally, our cameras have on-board recording for localized storage.

Any OneCam member who you share your view with and in the case of a triggered event or scheduled patrol the Central monitoring station as well.

Yes. There are also additional remote guard services we offer for gated or automated restricted access communities.

Yes. People living on or doing business on major/public roads can deploy OneCam and its additional services.

Based on analytic events or schedules our agents view live camera feeds to determine if a threat is present. Once triaged the appropriate action is taken. 

OneCam can be billed monthly/Quarterly/Bi-Annually/Annually to an individual account or group bank account.

No. You can share with other OneCam members of your choosing.

Yes, OneCam is designed to service both residential and commercial markets.

Yes, OneCam is a custom community service that compliments your home system.

Yes OneCam can be used with 3rd party Guard Response Services.

Yes business communities can easily deploy and scale using a surveillance network in a shopping district or manufacturing park using OneCam.

OneCam is a private surveillance network however information can be forwarded to the authorities when requested by clients.

OCIN OneCam Investigative Network is an investigative service available to OneCam members. The service utilizes Ai & monitoring agents to retrieve data from across the network to assist first responders in serving our members.   

RGR Is OneCam’s Remote Guard Ready plug & play cameras. This means that these cameras need little to no configuration to communicate with our command center.

OneCam can also be used with most IP & ONVIF enabled cameras e.g., Axis, Samsung, ClareVision, Realink etc.

You can install the camera yourself or choose from one of our installation company partners.

OneCam cameras come with a 3-year warranty. Should the camera fail due to a manufacture defect we will install & replace it at our cost.

OneCam cameras on average require 300mA-500mA.

OneCam uses the uplink of your data plan and does not negatively affect your download speeds.

Some users display OneCam signage others choose not to. It’s totally up to the customers’ preference.

Yes, OneCam runs full versions on both platforms. 

No, for security purposes OneCam cameras are installed using cable. If you have a compliant wireless camera, it can be used, however it increases the risk of posable security breaches.  

During power outages your OneCam camera will be offline unless you purchase a battery backup unit. We advise all customers that may be subject to power losses to purchase a battery backup unit and have both your OneCam and data modem plugged into it alone. Using this configuration and depending on the capacity of battery backup you purchase you can expect several hrs. of running time. Please note however it is very possible that your internet provider’s service may also be disrupted during a power outage, in this case your connection will be affected.

There are no restrictions on the number of OneCam cameras a community can deploy. They can be deployed from as little as one to thousands.

Each account has a maximum of three users however you can share camera views with as many other OneCam users as you choose.

Typically not, OneCam uses rebroadcasting to provide each user with their own stream (Think Netflix).

Harnesses The Power Of Human
And Digital Networks.

Why Choose Us

We Value Your Community

OneCam facilitates quicker and more accurate investigations, leading to higher chances of proactively identifying and apprehending culprits. Additionally, our service can enhance residents’ overall sense of safety and peace of mind, fostering a more tightly knit and cohesive community.

By promoting a secure environment, OneCam assists community members to focus on their daily activities without undue worry about their safety.

Ultimately, the implementation of OneCam on your street or throughout your community serves as a proactive measure, bolstering safety, and reinforcing the collective effort to build a thriving and protected neighborhood.

One Community-One Country-OneCam

OneCam is the Citizens Security Network that offers unmatched features and services.

Low or No equipment cost

Little to no maintenance cost

Free video analytic upgrades

Smart search analytic APP.

RGR High resolution day/night cameras

Mobile video sharing

No DVR or NVR equipment necessary.

Secure data network

No programming or router configurations

Nationwide 24hr emergency rapid response teams.

Direct 24hr Emergency Command center communication.

Virtual community patrols with live audio & alarm warnings.

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